Fabulous Fridays

Spring 2020

Some of the best learning and bonding happens informally through play and pastimes such as cooking favorite family recipes with your kids, sharing beloved books, board games, or even cartoons from your childhood. Fabulous Fridays is an afterschool enrichment program designed to simulate those times.

In this enrichment program, Summitt students will engage as a small group with one of Summitt's teachers to learn, play and have fun outside of the formality of the academic school day. Students can choose one, 6-week class from a variety of offerings such as gymnastics, plantology, or even comic book art. Each week from 3:00 to 4:30 pm, your child will enjoy a healthy snack, a brain and bathroom break, and then spend a full hour learning something new and exciting. Six weeks of programming will allow your student ample time to fully explore their class topic with some depth, make some new friends, and develop new skills.